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October 31st, 2012 - 

In 2013, Piri Reis Map for 500 As the Year of Celebration and Commemoration Program received on UNESCO held in Paris between October 25 -10 November 2011 36 General Conference. The value and nature of the leading international scientists and a great sailor Piri Reis Scientist in 2013 for the introduction of many events held in Turkey and around the world.

Piri Reis was a sailor, geographer and cartographer. Today, he is known as a researcher scientist. There are three works which come to presentday.

The first of the three Works is Map of World since 1513. 6 consisting of only a part of the map is obtained. Big and actual part of this map is still loss. However, given very important informations about the age of the great discoveriesby part in the hand.

The second of the three works is known as Kitab-i Bahriye or Bahriye. It is the  first Navigation Hydrography of the world and the Mediterranean Sea, the economic and social book and the first marine atlas. Kitab-i Bahriye means maritime book. And this maritime book is the only vestige about 16th century mediterranean sea  geographic situation and public of this districts economical and social life. The work is admissible according to the studies in this period was outstanding and realistic.

Another feature of the Piri Reis in his Kitab-i Bahriye 15 Although the human personality and the sense of century today put forward the idea that the scientist.
Piri Reis, the book “Mediterranean to the person”, ie, language, religion, race, regardless of the difference is expressed written for all Mediterraneans, to reflect the point of view of the Ottoman Empire and the value is of special importance in terms of.

Third work of Piri Reis is a regional map about between Istanbul and America continent. This work acceptable awesome cartograph by the UNESCO.

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