Istanbul’s historic hamams (Turkish baths)

January 25th, 2014 - 

 The hamam tradition has been passed down from the Romans to the Byzantines to the Turks. 


The Islamic emphasis on personal cleanliness and purification resulted in hundreds of hamams being built throughout Istanbul over the centuries starting from around 1400. This tradition has been passed down from the Romans to the Byzantines to the Turks.

At the height of their building program six hundred years ago, there were over 14,000 Turkish baths in Istanbul. They acted as the neighborhood’s social club as well as a place to clean oneself. Today there are only around 130 but they still offer a unique sanctuary from the overstimulation of the city and a place to awaken the senses.

We take a look at four of Istanbul’s oldest hamams, mainly named after the neighborhoods in which they are found. The Cemberlitas, Galatasaray, Cagaloglu and Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan hamams.

Cemberlitas Hamam, one of the oldest bathhouses in Istanbul, was built by famous Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, in 1584.

Built at the request of Nurbanu Sultan, wife of the Ottoman Sultan Selim II, for the purpose of bringing in revenue to support a charity complex that she had found.

Tourists do not want to leave Turkey without spending time at a hamam, says Tugba Uyar, press officer at Cemberlitas Hamam.

“Foreign interest is huge. Spanish people love to come to our bath houses. Recently, Arabs and young Turkish people have also begun to visit hamams,” she says. Uyar says that it is the spectacular architecture and relaxing ambience impresses them most.

During the Ottoman era, hamams also became popular for socializing, especially for women who choose to come to hamams to have fun, adds Uyar.

Cagaloglu Hamam was built in 1741 and is the last one to be built during the Ottoman Empire. It is listed one of the 1,000 places to see before you die, according to travel writer Patricia Schultz.

Located in Istanbul’s Eminonu neighborhood, it was built as a public hamam to bring revenue for the library of commissioned by the Ottoman ruler Sultan Mahmut I.

It is the last example of its kind to be built in Istanbul and is still operating to this day.

“The main bathrooms are beautiful, all marble with big slabs in the middle where you lay down wrapped in a little towel to relax,” says Omer Tolkun, hamam’s manager.

Tolkun says that the place has remained unchanged for over 300 years.

“First you need to relax and loosen up for a while, and most importantly sweat!,” says Tolkun.

The keseci (person who washes and scrubs down a customer) is a familiar character at a hamam. The ‘Keseci’ or masseur can be both male or female.

Cagoglu Hamam has hosted many historical and popular guests.

Mimar Sinan, the chief Ottoman architect, also designed and built the Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan hamam on the site where the ancient public baths of Zeuxippus (100-200 AD) used to stand, between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. It was built at the request of Hurrem Sultan (Roxelana), the wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century (1556-1557 AD).

The area is also particularly significant as the site where the Temple of Zeus once stood.

The hamam was operational until 1910 when it closed for many years. It was later used to house the convicts during times when the nearby Sultanahmet Prison was full. Subsequently it was a storage place for paper and oil. It is one of the most beautiful monuments in Istanbul, was restored for the first time between the years 1957-1958 and was a carpet bazaar until 2007.

Galatasaray Hamam, is a 15th-century bathhouse located in Beyoglu in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

The Galatasaray Hamam is located in Galatasaray at the junction of Turnacibasi and Capanoglu streets. It was built in 1715 as a public bath in line with classical Turkish hamam architectural design.

It underwent renovation in 1965 and while its main structure remained intact, its architectural details and interior portions were redesigned, and as such it has lost some of its historical attraction.


Istanbul Opera Festival

June 13th, 2013 - 

4 International Istanbul Opera Festival, held June 25 to July 8.

Festival during the month of July Başrejisör art direction by Yekta Kara, 5, and 1 gala concert of opera productions to represent a total of 9.

Hagia Irene on July 1, directed by chef Roberto Abbado’nun “Viva Verdi Gala Concert” will be accompanied by what the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Orchestra.

Marco Vratogna concert baritone, tenor Stefano Secco, tenor Marco Berti and soprano Aleksandra Kurza take the stage.

Giuseppe Verdi’s 200th dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of the night, the audience, the festival repertoire Rigoletto, Bayezid I, Tulip Mania, The Abduction from the Seraglio, and IV. Murat operas follow the original historic decors.

Topkapi Palace, Hagia Eirene, the Golden Horn Congress Center, the festival will take place Kadikoy Suresh Opera and Bahçeşehir Cultural Arts Center ticket prices range from 15 to 150 pounds.

Began eforts for Canal Istanbul

May 19th, 2013 - 


Canal İstanbul project announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the Americans who aspire to MWH Global company. Maker of the Panama Canal, the U.S., the company started a year ago, has been working on the channel office in Turkey.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the U.S., has brought about significant improvements in the political as well as economic terms. The expected increase morale description of Moody’s upgrading cooperation in oil exploration in northern Iraq and the United States (Free Trade Agreement) for the High-Level Working Group also visit STA was important steps.

Prime Minister Erdogan ‘Crazy Project most forgotten and the American Chamber of Commerce luncheon for the Turkish and American businessmen in his speech’ Canal Istanbul ‘project, recently announced a tender. According to the Economist Magazine, an American engineering company MWH Global Canal Istanbul, Turkey engineering consultants conducting studies on the specifics. Previously the company that built the Panama Canal in Turkey is closely interested in the project. Panama Canal in 1914, which is activated as is known, one of the world’s most important engineering marvels. At that time, and each period is known as the world’s most acclaimed project.

Begun transitioning today will grow up in the year 2023 in Istanbul told Canal comfortable. Produced an engineering project in Istanbul told us how to Canal. A feasibility study for the project, stating that serious, points out details of the construction of the Panama Canal, said: “The expansion of the Panama Canal, only the tender for the Government of Panama, also wanted to identify consortia of engineering companies. We will see how the bidding process live Canal in Istanbul. But there is something to keep in mind here is that this is the most important step in engineering. “

Istanbul Documentary Days, 25 films will be shown

May 15th, 2013 - 

Turkey Istanbul Documentary Days in the 6th DOCUMENTARIST program taking place this year, a record number of films. Turkey Panorama section of the festival program of over 110 films in his application, was chosen 25 films, including five from abroad.

Istanbul with contemporary masters of the documentary outstanding documentaries from around the world brings the audience DOCUMENTARIST, Turkey continues to function as platforms for the younger generation of filmmakers.
Usulüyle invited international program created the festival this year, over 110 films from Turkey and 25 who were selected. 17 out of the hands of these young directors in the film, but also to Johan van der Keuken New Talent Award nominations. Five of the said productions, directors living outside of Turkey.

The first film festival in Switzerland participating in the Horizon Emiroglu “My father, Revolution, and I” (Mon père, la Révolution et moi), the world premiere will take place in the DOCUMENTARIST!


Herb (Was), Caner Canerik
Iron Kite, Sedat Aygun
Mustafa Life Chain, Eastern Raider
Loyal, Cantekin Cantez-Sign Ayse Esen
We have seen Torture, Cenk stick-Zeynel Coach
Fecîra, Piran Baydemir
No Anasınınn Last Name, Marilyn Meadow
Securities, Canan Turan
Earring, Cetin dominant-Text Akdemir
Slum Quarter, Emrah Kilic
Garod, Honor Güray-Sign of the Stars
Apparently, Ugur Egemen İres
At the beginning of the road, Somnur Vardar
Worksite Beyoğlu, Meral Candan
My Child, Can Candan
ASE, Orhan Ercan
Staff rescue the world, the mind Nazli Kaya
My father, Revolution, and Ben (Mon père, la Révolution et moi), Ufuk Emiroğlu
Bridges, Stephen Hard
Mr. Siebzehnrübl (each Siebzehnrübl), Tuna Captain
My mother Pususlası (Deya Qiblenameya Min), Hatice Kamer
Guest, Heydar Demirtas
Buka Baranyi, Dilek Gökçin
Solo Dance (Alleine Tanzen), Biene Pilavcı
Exile Cake, Bu Funda Aras

Consulate of Netherlands, Consulate General of Brazil, SALT, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul French Institute, the Consulate General of Greece, Dimitrie Cantemir DOCUMENTARIST with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Goethe Institute Istanbul Documentary Days, impressions and events, 1-6 June 2013 at the Akbank Art, French Cultural Centre, SALT Beyoğlu, Sismanoglio Megaro, Dutch Chapel and Cultural Center will take place in Romania.

Book of Hell has 150 page about Istanbul

May 15th, 2013 - 

The world’s most famous author Dan Brown’s latest book, ‘Inferno’ (Hell) today published all over the world. ’Da Vinci Code’ by Brown’s novel had a major impact on 15 January, and the cover shows the name of the campaign conducted via Facebook and Twitter book, clock, albeit with a difference, the first coming onto the market in Turkey.

On May 14, the book, the United States and other countries other than Turkey will run at the same time as follows: the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Brazil. For the time difference is the easternmost country, Turkey, as the world’s first book hits the market in Turkey.


Easter, 1500 years later outside of Istanbul

May 7th, 2013 - 

Outside Istanbul for the first time since the founding of the Orthodox Church Patriarch Bartholomew for the Easter liturgy Gokceada arrive from abroad, the island has attracted hundreds of Orthodox.

Approximately 300 million Orthodox Christians who live in different cities of the world was in the eye yesterday Gokceada. Turkey’s western Imbros, the Orthodox Church was founded Outside Istanbul for the first time since 451 in welcoming experienced the thrill of the Easter ritual. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the birthplace of Easter celebrate the description of the island of Imbros attracted hundreds Orthodox. In fact, when we first came to the island and the Greek platter of Greek speakers drew attention to vehicles. There was no vacancy in hotels.

The message of the Patriarch …
Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, especially outside of their native village, and to draw attention to the Orthodox rite organized by Imbros said. Patriarch in fulfilling this desire, the rights of minorities by the government in recent years has also an important role. Catholics, as opposed to Ortodokslar’dan celebrating Easter on March 31.


Benfica arrived to Istanbul!

April 24th, 2013 - 

UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg encounter with Fenerbahce on Thursday, April 25 Benfica team arrived in Istanbul.

The representative of a private plane to Portugal from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, the hotel konaklayacağı moved here.

Benfica coach Jorge Jesus teams in the league, the last match of the Sporting Lisbon defender injured Luisao’ya not brought to Istanbul in the squad.

Benfica from the 19-man squad for the match Fenerbahce Istanbul took place the following names:

Goalkeepers: Artur Moraes, Paulo Lopes.

Defense: Jardel, Maxi Pereira, Garay, Melgarejo, Luisinho, Roderick.

Midfielder: Matic, Salvio, Ola John, Gaitan, Pablo Aimar, Urreta, Carlos Martins, Andre Gomes.

Striker: Rodrigo Lima, Cardozo.

Click for Istanbul Football Teams, and stadium of fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu

Antonio Negri is coming to Istanbul

April 18th, 2013 - 

Philosophers will be held on April 27 to 28 in Istanbul by monocle Publications: “New Forms of Freedom and the subject” conference that breaks the Empire and Multitude of major storms left circles, the author of works such as “Free Kush-Yoksul’un-Multitude” world champion involved in the famous Italian philosopher Antonio Negri Guest of Honor.

Negri, Judith Revel in the event, which for the first time in Istanbul, Marco Assennato, Volcano Celebi, Ahmet Soysal also participate as a speaker.

Publications prepared by the event Monokl Negri’s new book, readers will meet four.

Antonio Negri and 4 two special presentations will be presented in the new book, signed a two-day event. In addition to the presentations, the audience questions, and there will also be a special emphasis will be placed hearings. The conference open session topics:

1 – Rationale and Mechanisms of rebellion Capitalism: A New Philosophy trip right?
2 – Open Session – Agora [public question and answer, discussion, sharing forum]

Participation is free and Yunus Emre Cultural Center of the Municipality of Bakirköy in simultaneous translation during the event to take place.

About Antonio Negri
Born in Padua, Italy in 1933. Analysis of globalization and the world intellectual circles of the Imperial Empire and Multitude from major storms that breaks the works penned with Michael Hardt. Forms of resistance in the name of counter-empire, and his analyzes Yoksul’u immaterial labor and Free Bird, and has taken the lead in the multitude. Tens and hundreds of his article served as his life on the basis of the revolutionary discourse of desire and re üretilişini messengers, the new horizons of praxis subject to Spinoza’s work has received a lot of inspirations. Spinoza, as well as the work of Marx, Foucault and Deleuze-Guattari pair exhibited a striking affinities and dialogues. Virtual bio-politics, and power köksaplardan cücüklere gözetlemeci modern post-modern structure of the disciplinary structure of the empire flows inherent in the legal underpinnings of capitalism has developed the new analysis of global power. At its most basic, Yoksul’u singularity in the vastness of the new production and acquisitions, and the opportunity presented itself as a new condition of the world. The outside of the center, and there are not any global flow, hybridization and unlimited exploitation of labor and the plane of the front of the counter-revolutionary subjectivity of the Empire had. Deleuze instead of the old serpentine kıvrılışını köstebeğinin Marx put it as a new form of struggle. Only God is not separate from nature and the human idea and refused to send over the nature of a human being in the same plane Spinozan discourse on the agenda. Machiavelli’s political views and dealt with the re-adaptation of the present in terms of immanence.

With stunning views of Negri not only with the life in the midst of the great debates and events. Red books published in the 1960s (Qaderni Rossi) magazine’s brilliant analysis of the working class on the left. During the same period at different philosophy journals (Aut-Aut, Critical del Dretto) philosophy of law, and the government has published the life of the floor. Negri, long before the formation of a new political environment Potere Operairo’da, which has emerged as a spokesman for the effective field theory. Left circles, which have great symbols of the Italian Autonomia movement of the workers’ movement was born during this period. During the same period, Negri was accused of being one of those responsible for the uprising in Padua. This is acquitted of the charges, but then in 1979 to support the radical leftist Red Brigades, and alleged to be associated with the assassination of Aldo Moro was again arrested under vague accusations. Negri’s relationship with the Red Brigades never proven. However, I stayed four and a half years in prison and the Radical Party, was released from prison by selecting the Italian Parliament. However, as a result, stripped of immunity and Negri had to leave Italy. Lived in France until 1997, the same year sentence on three years, to come down with the amnesty and returned to Italy on penalty by staying in jail until 2003, was completed. Negri, in jail, prison, wrote after the appearance of a row. Still giving lectures around the world, globalization is a revolutionary system of exploitation against the singularities woven a new space, there are liberal discourses.

Turkish Antonio Negri Works:
- (2003) (with Michael Hardt), Dioynisos’un Labor – State Format A Critique, Communication Publications
- (2005) Revolution Time, Brinton
- (2005) Wild anomaly, Autonomous Publishing
- (2006) Marx Beyond Marx – Lessons on the Grundrisse, Autonomous Publishing
- (2006) Empire movements, transitions, Views, Autonomous Publishing
- (2006) Destructive Politics – 21 Manifesto for centuries, Autonomous Publishing
- (2006) Europe and the Empire – Reflections on the Founding of a process, Autonomous Publishing
- (2006) (with Félix Guattari), like us, with the Communists-Félix Guattari Correspondence, Autonomous Publishing
- (2011) Common Wealth Publishing enlarge
- (2011) Adverse Spinoza, Autonomous Publishing
- (2011) (with Michael Hardt), Multitude, Brinton
- (2012) (with Michael Hardt), Imperial, Brinton
- (2012) (with Michael Hardt), Announcement, Brinton
- (2013) Resistance Trilogy, Monokl Publications
- (2013) Porcelain Making: A New Grammar of Politics for the monocle Publications
- (2013) Art and Multitude, Monokl Publications
- (2013) Exile, Monokl Publications

Seymen peasants cultivating tulips in Istanbul

April 13th, 2013 - 

Istanbul native tulip production started about 5 years ago continues unabated. Tulips adorning the streets and the streets of Istanbul, one of the production sites Silivri Seymen village. Istanbul Tree and Landscape, Inc. contributing to the production of tulips in a coordinated manner by the villagers are paid a total of 6 thousand 800 pounds. Each color and each pattern tulips tulip petals in the field collecting the peasants on the one hand, tulip bulb, on the other hand is preparing for next year. Scheduled to be collected from leaves food coloring. Explaining that they enjoy the work of colorful tulips Prom Straight, “I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. These tulips are planted. Drain apples and a half months later. Partly Due to come see them again. A very nice feeling to make this work,” he said. Istanbul Tree and Landscape, Inc. For breaking off the leaves of the tulips Eyüp Knight General Manager, said: “This is a study of social responsibility project. Now or not at your food and fabric paint petals will do,” he said.tulips istanbul

Support came from the financial center of London to Istanbul

March 19th, 2013 - 

Head of Finance Centre in London Lord Mayor Alderman Roger Gifford, the conversion of Istanbul an international financial center, explaining that they closely follow and support, “in the light of our experience in London, during the establishment and operation of infrastructure work taking place in the organization in finance, would like to cooperate,” he said.
Gifford, Istanbul International Financial Center Project, the ongoing construction of Atasehir observe and to make assessments about the process in conjunction with the accompanying delegation, visited the Istanbul International Financial Centre undertaken the construction of Agaoglu Group of Companies. The delegation then visit the work of excavation was followed by a stop at Istanbul International Financial Center construction site. During the visit, Consul General of United Kingdom Leigh Turner Gifford, United Kingdom Trade and Investment Agency Unit Managers Sinan Akkaya, Sernur Tatari and was accompanied by Simla Cinar.

Agaoglu Group of Companies Chairman Ali Agaoglu Ataşehir together with the Chairman of the Finance Centre London Lord Mayor Alderman Roger Gifford, in his speech here, in London as a financial center, and support for international financial center, has announced that they closely follow the conversion. Gifford, said:
“Long Term Financial Center is based on knowledge and know-how in London, Istanbul Finance Center wish to evaluate. To do so, created a working group. Financial investors to invest in the legal trust, stability and transparency are looking for. These are the issues on the agenda for Istanbul International Financial Center and are ready to cooperate for these arrangements. The reason more than one financial center to look into the matter more closely it will create jobs and greater synergy is our belief that the signature will be thrown. Therefore, in the light of our experience in London, during the establishment and operation of infrastructure work taking place during the financial Entities would like to cooperate.


Ali Agaoglu president of the London financial center, the center of Istanbul to visit the International Finance was regarded as a very important development. Istanbul, rapidly progressing towards becoming an international financial center that Agaoglu, “It was a very serious structural changes. Due to trade and become integrated into the law has been revised and brought to the west. However, the variety of financial instruments won. Sukuk Islamic financial instruments, such as tax advantages provided and the application was made available. Thus, Istanbul International Financial Center, as well as the physical infrastructure we have built for our financial and legal arrangements had been implemented. As a natural result of this interest in Istanbul began to grow around the world, “he said.